Tips for Furniture Restoration Houston

furniture restoration houston- elizabeth houseYou can use these simple tips to freshen up antiques or other furnishings and valuables and feel comfortable knowing this is furniture restoration Houston people can execute themselves.

Dust delicate objects and areas using makeup brushes.

Professional coin collectors advise against cleaning coins. If you need to clean yours, you can wash them in soapy water and dry them using a soft, dry cloth.

Clean Bakelite items with chrome cleaner.

You can easily get grime off of old prints. Just take dough from a fresh loaf of bread and roll it over the surface that needs to be cleaned gently. The grime will get soaked into the dough.

Clean velour by adding a few drops of dish soap in a bucket of water. Take a piece of muslin and dip it in the water. Wring the muslin out until it is practically dry and rub it over the velour in a back and forth motion.

Disguise cigarette burns on furnishings by scraping the black area with a sharp knife. Use car filler to fill in the indent and smooth off the excess until it is flush with the furnishing. Use an artist’s paint brush and wood-colored powder paint to match the other knots in the wood.

Find out if pearls are genuine or synthetic by rubbing them over your teeth. A smoothness indicates they are genuine and grittiness indicates that they are glass.

To find out if amber is real, heat a needle with a flame and touch it to the item. If it smells like plastic, it is fake.

Use metal polish to get grime off furniture. Rub in the same direction as the grain and finish with a wax polish.

Restore a polished French surface with a few sprinkles of baby oil. Add methylated spirits to a soft cloth and wipe gently in the direction of the wood grain.

Get rid of rings by covering with a soft cloth and ironing over with a medium, non-steaming iron.

Clean brass and copper by pouring HP or OK sauce on them and leaving overnight. Then, rinse off.

Mix methylated spirits and talcum powder together and spread over oily spots on wood furniture to get rid of them.

Give new life to cast iron by rubbing with olive oil.

Get rid of old rusty screws by cleaning the screw head using a hot air gun. Turn screw tighter before twisting off.

When you go to buy antique furnishings, always look inside the drawers to look for any extra holes that indicate the handles or locks have been replaced.

Remove any age marks on porcelain items by soaking them overnight using sterilizing liquid made for baby’s bottles.Furniture repair houston- Elizabeth House

If you want to see if the jet is fake or real, just rub it on the bottom of pottery that has not been glazed. A brownish streak indicates it is the real thing.

You can clean gilding by brushing it with a soft brush and a mixture of egg whites and bleach. Dry it with a hairdryer. When dry, brush any residue away with a toothbrush.

Cover wood furniture scratches by rubbing them with a walnut kernel.

Remove wood dents by dampening a sheet of flannelette and putting it over the dents. Use an iron over a damp cloth.